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Are We Ready for Compostable Packaging?

NPR’s Marketplace did a great piece recently on compostable packaging. The industry is booming.  Growing at about 19% each year, it’s reached $130 million globally. But does it do us any good?  Evidently not, unless you have an industrial composter. … Continue reading

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Chipotle To Increase Use of Local Produce

Chipotle is ramping up its use of locally grown ingredients by 10 million pounds. Already strongly focused on sourcing as naturally and sustainably raised ingredients as a large restaurant chain can profitably source, Chipotle is hardly making a major shift … Continue reading

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Could “Water Footprint” Be the Next “Carbon Footprint”?

Could “water footprint” be the next “carbon footprint“? In short: It’s unlikely.  But that doesn’t mean water isn’t a large and increasingly important issue. So, why doesn’t anyone talk about it? Well, depending on where you live, it may not … Continue reading

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